Aggregates 101

When you think of aggregates, your first thoughts might drift to statistical or mathematical equations, but the aggregates we’re going to be discussing are rocks. We know that discussing aggregates (rocks) might not be the most exciting topic, but it is essential to learn more about aggregates, especially if you’re involved in the construction industry.

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Why Delta Aggregate?

Delta Aggregate wants to take a moment to remind you of the many ways you benefit from utilizing our property protection services. We specialize in using the highest quality rock materials to protect everything from shorelines to residential homes. Our base of operations is Immokalee, Florida, and there is no project that is too big or too small for us.

So, what does Delta Aggregate do?

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What are RipRap Boulders?

It’s likely that you have not heard of the incredibly effective erosion-resistant construction aggregate RipRap or RipRap Boulders. We know that this material doesn’t sound like something used in the construction industry, amongst others, but we promise it is. This incredible material with various uses and many names is worth considering if you need to protect something or build a barrier.

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A Guide To Aggregate

Delta Aggregate thought you might be interested to learn more about the various types of aggregate materials. We’ve discussed a lot about Rip Rap lately and what it can do to defend your property from erosive water forces, but now let’s focus on some other natural resources that can be harnessed for landscaping purposes.

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Seawall Maintenance

When shopping for a new property that comes with a seawall, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Down the line, if not taken care of properly, your seawall can wind up costing you. That’s because seawalls need to be kept in great condition.  When you fail to keep a seawall in good condition, then it fails … Read more