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RIP RAP ROCK is What We Do

4-12 inch

C34 Gabion Basket Stone 3-6 inch

C30 Bedding Stone 3-9 inch

C33 Ditch & Bank Lining Stone 4-12 inch

Type B Rip Rap

Type B is one of the most popular types of limestone riprap because of its average size. These 6-by-18-inch rocks are perfectly matched to moderate-velocity slopes such as creeks, riverbanks, and retaining walls.

Type C Rip Rap

Type C riprap is also designed for high-velocity slopes. This limestone size—which is around 12 by 24 inches—is used for many of the same projects as its type A counterpart.

Type D Rip Rap

Type D riprap is a great choice for steep slopes because of its hefty size and ability to stay in place while stacked. With measurements of 18 by 30 inches, it's the first choice for protecting or restoring large areas prone to drainage issues.

Who We Are

Delta Aggregate

Our primary product is Rip Rap Rock, Army Corp Rip Rap and Rock, FDOT Rip Rap, Armor Rock, Toe Rock, Boulders, Groin Rock, Jetti Rock.

These products are used on government projects as well as private sector projects. They are used to restore shorelines and stabilization, erosion control, slopes and bank lines, areas that are exposed to waves, bridges abutments projects, reefs, inlets/outlets, drainage projects, ditch lining, pools and landscaping etc!

Delta Aggregate uses highly qualified government approved certified engineer firms to test all our materials as per the requirements and guidelines of the Army Corp, and FDOT!  Delta Aggregate materials meet or exceed Army Corp and FDOT specs. (Test results available upon request)

Delta Aggregate uses the most efficient state of the art equipment. We works direct with the contractors, government officials, engineers, transport companies and owners of each project to insure we produce the highest quality aggregate products that is desired!

No Project Too Big or Small

There is no project to big nor to small or a gradation or shape that Delta Aggregate can not met! Specs and graduations may vary as per project and product details! Call our highly qualified team 815-791-8377 or email for all special orders or any any option needs for a prices and lead time. We accept all debit/credit cards, checks, draws, cash and credit terms.

Delta Aggregate has Landfill Liner and Lake/Pond Liner,  Clay material products! (Test results available upon request)

Delta Aggregate is your number 1 Source in Florida to supply Rip Rip, Armor Rock Aggregate for projects!

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    2000-16000 lb Rock/Toe Rock/Groin Rock/Jetti Rock/Boulders