What Know About #57 Stone: Definition and Purpose

Aggregate is an essential part of landscaping projects and many construction jobs regarding residential and commercial properties. One of the most frequently used of these is what’s known as #57 Stone. The right material can make all of the difference when it comes to your next assignment. Today, we look at what #57 stone is and whether or not it’s the right material for you.

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#57 Stone: A Definition

In the most straightforward terms, #57 stone is a screened aggregate product commonly used for many residential and commercial building projects. The number 57 refers to a sieve used to determine the proper size in the screening process. Stone #57 is produced by excavating granite and limestone; these are then crushed and broken down into smaller pieces, sifted through a sieve, which separates stones that correspond to the right size of #57 stone. What results are stones that are angular and jagged, as opposed to the smoother more refined stones such as river rock.

#57 Stone: Purpose and Usage

Because of its unique size and shape, #57 stone is incredibly versatile and has been a[plied in many different uses for a variety of building purposes.

Asphalt Paving

#57 stone compacts very tightly and can provide a stable and strong foundation that won’t bend or giveaway when heavy weight is applied. This means that it’s very effective in asphalt paving, as these roads are designed to withstand heavy weight and wear and tear over many years.


Concrete has been one of the most trusted materials in commercial and residential buildings since the days of Ancient Rome. When #57 stone is used in conjunction with concrete, it creates a sturdy foundation.

Drainage & Water Resistance

#57 Stone is highly effective in many applications that are related to drainage and water resistance. The material can be used in such items as retaining walls and aqueducts, many irrigation systems that are used for drainage have come to rely on the material, as water flows easily through the material.


Many landscaping companies have turned to the usage of #57 stone to provide a unique aesthetic to their projects. Plant beds, retaining walls, and walkways can all benefit from #57 stone.

#57 Stone: Advantages of Usage

Aside from the variety of purposes that #57 stone can be used for, there are also many advantages to choosing it over other building materials. #57 stone is very cost-effective and can be purchased in high quantities as it’s easy for quarries to produce. The material has proven itself to be incredibly durable, with some applications being in use for several decades without needing much in the way of upkeep.

Delta Aggregate

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