What is Rip Rap?

Have you ever gone to the oceanside and recognized that the row of rocks along the coastline is just a little too perfectly aligned? Have you walked across a parking lot filled with gravel and wondered what type of rock it was all made of? Well, it may come as a surprise for some people, but both of these types of rocks are the same material. This material is called rip rap. For those outside of the construction industry, rip rap is probably a new term for your vocabulary. To learn all you need to know about rip rap, keep reading on.

georgia rip rap

What is rip rap?

Rip rap is an extremely strong and durable engineered stone with a natural-looking finish. Because it is such a durable material, it is used to protect buildings, structures like bridges, and shorelines from damage caused by water sources, like oceans and rivers, and even ponds and pools. Rip rap can be cut into all sizes, ranging from a few inches for driveways and similar projects, medium-sized to fill ditches and help restore banks, to large stones necessary to protect shorelines from erosion and prevent people from entering dangerous waters. Delta Aggregate works on projects big and small, ranging from individual clients to government plans, so we are sure to have the rip rap that is right for your project.

What are the types of rip rap?

Delta Aggregate specializes in Rip Rap Rock, Army Corp Rip Rap and Rock, FDOT Rip Rap, Armor Rock, Toe Rock, Boulders, Groin Rock, and Jetti Rock. Government-approved engineer firms test all of our materials to ensure they meet requirements — and yes, Delta Aggregate materials meet or exceed Army Corp and FDOT specs!

Delta Aggregate is Florida’s #1 Source to supply Rip Rap and Armor Rock Aggregate, so it is safe to say we are experts when it comes to the material. If you or your company are working on a project that is in need of our services, please give our experienced team a call at 815-791-8377, or send us an email at info@deltaaggregate.com.

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