What Is Mason Sand & How Can It Be Used?

Many of us might think of all sand as just being “plain ole sand” without any remarkable differences. The truth of the matter is that there are a variety of types and mason sand is one of them. Delta Aggregate explains what mason sand is and some of its uses.
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Mason sand, often referred to as masonry sand or mortar sand, is fine in texture and commonly utilized for construction projects. The grains are all the same size which provides the sand with a smooth look and feel. Traditionally the “go-to” sand in masonry work, it is exceptionally versatile and can be used for a vast spectrum of projects. 

The majority of commercial sands, mason sand included, are generated by crushing solid rocks in a quarry. The precise composition of sand differs based on the location and the way it is sourced. Granite, quartz, limestone, and gneiss are usually selected to create mason sand. Mason sand is often found in hues of yellow, brown, and gray. Additional shades like rose or black can be fabricated by introducing pigments to natural sand.

Masonry sand gets subjected to a meticulous process in order to achieve its well-known appearance and texture. First, the quarry rock is crushed into sand-sized particles. Then, it gets washed through a screen. Only fine particles go through the screen easily, as the more sizable grains are strained out and extracted from the mixture. The result is appealingly smooth sand due to being composed of particles that are all the same size. This feature sets masonry sand apart from other sands, including concrete sand and paver sand.

Unless a particular type of sand is necessary for any given project, mason sand is the preferred choice. This sand combines fineness with affordability and therefore is quite attractive to consumers for residential and business uses. Mason sand is routinely used to make mortar which is a form of cement that closes spaces between bricks or stone blocks. Mortar sand is also terrific for extending over a huge recreational domain like a playground, for example. Wonderful when used as an ingredient in concrete, masonry sand offers an even surface and a more eye-appealing look than everyday concrete sand. This makes it a stellar choice when designing a patio.

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