What is Coarse Aggregate?

There are different types of stones that are available for construction projects. Coarse aggregates are stones that contain specific features. Delta Aggregate explains below what coarse aggregate actually is as well as its desirable attributes.
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Concrete mix is made up of a variety of elements, with coarse aggregates as the key substance. Since coarse aggregates are crucial for the proper mixture, they comprise a huge percentage of the overall concrete mix. The aggregates are usually obtained by the action of blasting in stone quarries or using manual or mechanical methods to crush and break them into smaller pieces.  The machine-crushed technique is able to produce multi-sized stones as opposed to the manual process that solely manufactures one size. Coarse aggregate stone has the characteristic of being fragmented into little dimensions that have uneven and misshapen forms. The stones that are commonly used in the construction industry are limestone, granite, and river aggregate.

It is extremely vital that coarse aggregates meet the following standards in order to be up to par for building construction. This criteria ensures that they are adequate in terms of quality, which in turn, affects the entire grade of the concrete. One of the important factors is that the aggregate must be sturdy and rugged enough so that it can combat the crushing process. It also needs to be absent of any organic materials like clay and dust. If not, the adhering strength of concrete and aggregate will be compromised and weakened. The aggregates used for concrete must be long-lasting so as to withstand the test of time. It is important that coarse aggregates do not hold too many sharp, angular, hard bits of matter, or contain water absorption of more than 5% of their true weights. Aggregates need to be soft and porous in makeup, plus be totally without any decayed pieces, alkalis, or vegetable matter when being used for construction purposes. 

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