What is Bedding Stone & How is it Used?

There are many materials used in the construction industry. Still, there is perhaps none used more often than bedding stone. If you’re not a professional landscaper, construction builder, or farmer, it’s unlikely that you have heard of bedding stone, let alone how it’s used. 
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Since this is a specialized material used for specific things, our team at Delta Aggregate wants to help you learn what it is and how it’s used. After learning about it, you might need bedding stone for your latest project. 

What Is Bedding Stone?

Before we dive into the uses of bedding stone, we want to briefly detail what it is. Ultimately, bedding stone is a useful construction aggregate used as a cost-effective base layer in agriculture, landscaping, and construction industries. 

As an aggregate, bedding stone is a coarse or medium-grained particulate material. Since bedding stone plays an integral role in many construction projects, it is one of the most heavily mined materials on earth. Fortunately, it is commonly found in queries and mine sites and is not a rare resource. 

Interestingly, many mining companies collect bedding stone and clean and process it before selling it to building and landscaping suppliers. At Delta Aggregate, we sell bedding stones to the general public, companies, and corporations. 

Also, bedding stone is crushed stone, meaning its shape isn’t consistent. One of the most common types of bedding stone used is limestone. Limestone is most often used because it is durable and weather-resistant, ensuring projects last a lifetime. 

How Is Bedding Stone Used? 

Now that you know what bedding stone is and where it comes from, we can look at how it is used. There are numerous uses for bedding stone, and they include the following: 

  • Bedding stone is often used for underground piping and concrete flatwork. 
  • Bedding stone is typically used in drainage applications and ready-mix concrete mixtures because it is shapeable. 
  • Bedding stone is used between a concrete slab and the ground. If it isn’t laid first, you will notice water seeping underneath your concrete slabs, causing erosion. Without bedding stone, you will need to replace the concrete slabs sooner. 
  • Bedding stone is used for pavers (brick, porcelain, natural stone, or concrete) in walkways, patios, and landscapes to prevent cracking and create a level surface. 

Ultimately, bedding stone is often used to cushion pavers and slabs from the ground beneath them. If you require bedding stone for paving, drainage, or concrete projects, you can speak with us at Delta Aggregate. We have the building supplies you need, including bedding stone, to complete your projects on time, so contact us here, and we’ll be in touch.

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