Upgrade Your Building Materials with Crushed Concrete

As old concrete structures make way for new, more modern ones or as old buildings are refurbished, you may wonder where the old building or construction waste ends up.

If you’ve ever wondered this, the answer is simple – it becomes recycled crushed concrete. Concrete recycling is a popular method of using old and broken pieces from construction and demolition sites to create something new, usable, and environmentally friendly.  fdot c34 gabion basket stone

But what exactly is crushed concrete, and can you use it to upgrade your building materials? Read on to learn how you can upgrade your building materials with crushed concrete and how professionals from Delta Aggregate can offer assistance. 

What Is Crushed Concrete? 

In simple terms, crushed concrete can be defined as old building materials from construction, restoration, or demolition sites. A concrete recycling company collects the pieces of concrete and sends them through a crushing plant for recycling. 

Once these concrete pieces have been crushed, they create the following byproducts: 

  • Crushed concrete, 
  • Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA)
  • Crushed cement. 

Additionally and specifically, crushed concrete is manufactured from broken asphalt pieces from concrete pathways and sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and garden beds destined for a landfill. 

As concrete won’t decompose and is non-biodegradable, this method of turning old concrete pieces into new crushed concrete is more efficient and environmentally sustainable. 

What Can Crushed Concrete Be Used For? 

You can use crushed concrete for many things, so it’s a good idea to upgrade your building materials with crushed concrete. Below are a few of the uses:

  • Driveways
  • Paving or sidewalks
  • Pathways and walkways
  • Raising garden beds
  • General Landscaping
  • Retaining Walls or slope stabilizing
  • Rip-Rap
  • Fill, grade, or stabilization of material underneath parking lots, paved areas, and roads
  • Drainage structures
  • Filter systems

Four Tips For Using Crushed Concrete In Your Building Projects

Below is a short list of the top four tips for using crushed concrete in your building projects:

  • Test The Recycled Concrete Before Use

Before using crushed or recycled concrete, you must test it to ensure it meets your project’s quality and suitability standards. 

The testing process can include compressive strength, gradation measurement, and overall durability of the crushed concrete or recycled concrete aggregate. Conducting these tests will help you gauge the appropriate usage and application of your crushed concrete. 

  • Use The Proper Mix Design

If you are making up a fresh batch of concrete using crushed concrete, then you must pay special attention to the mix design to ensure the desired durability and strength of the concrete mix are met. 

Your crushed concrete aggregate mix design should factor in the properties of recycled concrete aggregate, like gradation, size, and shape, along with any additional additives or admixtures that might need to be added. 

  • Source The Crushed Concrete From Reputable Suppliers

If you are in the market for crushed concrete, sourcing this building material from reputable suppliers who can guarantee the product’s quality and that it will meet your project requirements is crucial. 

Search for crushed concrete aggregate suppliers like Delta Aggregate, with experience supplying and producing crushed concrete that can provide the necessary documentation and testing reports when requested.  

  • Ensure Proper Curing And Compacting

Proper curing and compacting are vital for crushed concrete’s durability and strength. As such, you must ensure appropriate curing occurs before load-bearing applications ensue. 

Additionally, you must thoroughly compact your crushed concrete/ concrete aggregate to ensure the correct density is met.

Speak With The Experts At Delta Aggregate About Your Crushed Concrete Needs

Now you know what crushed concrete is, how it can be used, and why it can be used to upgrade your building materialsy.

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