The Importance of Aggregates in Construction

Aggregates are extremely useful materials that are essential when it comes to everyday projects. One of the most important places aggregates are used is construction sites. From providing drainage to manufacturing concrete, certain construction wouldn’t be possible without the help of this material. Let’s take a closer look at what aggregates are and why they’re so important in construction. 
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A simple definition of aggregates is a granular material that’s used in construction as well as building and landscaping. Aggregates can include sand, crushed stone, gravel, and other material. There are a few categories of aggregates such as quarried, recycled, and decorative. Aggregates are extremely important for construction since it’s used to create concrete, paste cement together, as well as change the look and feel of a surface. 

Buildings & Housing

Aggregates are an essential piece of the construction industry. They’re needed to create buildings anywhere from hospitals to schools to banks. To construct a hospital or school approximately 15,000 tons of aggregates are needed. Even your home is made up of at least 400 tons of aggregate. Aggregates are the materials that ensure a strong foundation and lasting roof tiles. Housing is where the decorative aggregate category comes into play. Decorative aggregates are usually used in gardens, pathways, and driveways to bring a beautiful look to empty spaces that need to be filled. 

Roads & Railways 

Aggregates are also a necessity in the construction of roads and railways. Over the last 20 years, the need for aggregates has increased drastically. Creating just a mile of a lane for an interstate highway will require at least 38,000 tons of aggregates.  Aggregates also allow roads to become skid and polish-resistant. Railways also rely on aggregates to construct the track ballast that forms the bed where railway sleepers are laid. About 3 million tons are used each year to keep railways running efficiently. 


Aggregates are just as important for the water industry as they are for construction. Reservoirs and sewage are both built and maintained with the help of aggregates. Water companies need the assistance of aggregates to prevent shortages and ensure that homes and buildings have plenty of access to water and sewage networks. 

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