The Four Popular Uses for Different Types of Rip Raps

With the change of season comes different things to prepare for. And those that own or rent property by the water know all too well about the issue of erosion. That’s where ripraps come into play. Ripraps help to prevent erosion almost the same way that sandbags help to prevent flooding in a storm. Erosion occurs when waves increase past the shoreline. Placing ripraps right above a row of large anchor rocks in a toe trench helps to prevent the water from reaching the trees and shrubs onshore. But there are actually a few other uses for ripraps that are quite popular.

type a rip rap in florida

Type A Rip Rap

There are mainly four types of ripraps and they are lettered. The first one is known as riprap type A and this one works best in preventing erosions on the higher slopes. The steeper, the more appropriate you’d want to use type A. This limestone is bigger and rarely moves when set in place, almost like cinderblocks. They can range in size from about 18-to 30 inches. It’s not uncommon to place this type of riprap with other preventive measures either.

Type B Rip Rap

Type B riprap works well for steep slopes also. They’re a few inches smaller than type A but still get the job done well in preventing erosion. When you think of type B, it can be somewhat interchangeable with type A. You’re just getting a smaller size limestone.

Type C Rip Rap

When it comes to Type C riprap, you’re getting a middle-of-the-road limestone. It’s a far cry from the size of type A and can range in sizes from half a foot to eighteen inches. This type of limestone isn’t for the big erosion issues as the sizing won’t prevent as much erosion as type A and B. But it does work on smaller projects.

Type D Rip Rap

As you can expect, type D riprap is the smallest out of all the types and certainly won’t do a great job if you live on a giant shore with a lot of erosion. This type comes in around four inches to a foot. This type of riprap is best used on the bottom of the trench.

Riprap is a job best left for professionals as erosion can be a tricky business. You don’t want to risk the foundation near your property and Delta Aggregate prides itself on taking on whatever riprap job comes through our pipeline. So don’t wait and call us at (815) 791-8377 or shoot us an email at We’re located at 9025 S Church Road Immokalee, FL 33930.

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