The Benefits of Using Rip Rap

One of the most invigorating experiences is witnessing the beauty of the seashore. Protecting the shoreline from natural water damage known as erosion is somewhat difficult. While it’s important to safeguard the coast, it’s also important to protect the environment too.

Florida rip rap

What Exactly is Rip Rap?

Rip rap is comprised of rock and other natural materials and protects the shoreline from severe weather conditions and erosion. Granite and limestone are the two most common materials used in rip rap. Its usage is very important and can even prevent shorefront property from sustaining excessive damage.

Is Rip Rap Cost-Effective?

Purchasing rip rap is much more than simply buying a product, it’s more akin to making an investment. If you use the right materials, rip rap cannot just last months or years, but generations.

Expect to pay around $2,200 per linear foot, but this is a decades-long investment that both the natural shoreline and your property will benefit from.

How Does Rip Rap Work?

Rip rap prevents the natural occurrence of erosion by stopping sand and soil from being cut apart by waves. The rock formations that are found in rip rap create and absorb the energy from a crashing wave and help divert them away from the shoreline.

The large rocks in a rip rap formation absorb the energy of a crashing wave, while the smaller rocks divert the waves to help prevent erosion. Both of these elements use their respective attributes to help maintain the structural integrity of the shoreline.

Consult the Experts

Purchasing and installing rip rap isn’t cheap, and it can also be a very arduous task. For this reason, it’s better to have it professionally installed than attempt to make a DIY project out of it. This is where Delta Aggregate can gladly be of service. Rip rap is our specialty, and we offer four unique types that adhere to strict guidelines set forth to protect the environment as much as they do the shoreline.

As residents of Florida, we all have an obligation to help safeguard the natural wonders that the State has to offer. No job is too difficult or too small for us to undertake, and a visit to our website will fill you in on all the details for protecting our shores from erosion. If you have any questions, please call us at 815-791-8377 or send a message through our online contact to request an estimate or consultation.

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