Techniques to Manage Erosion

Shorelines are a crucial part of our environment for a variety of reasons. They provide a habitat for fish and other wildlife, and they also take care of stormwater runoff before it affects our water supply. Unfortunately, erosion is a natural occurrence that can damage our shorelines. It can happen on any body of water including lakes, streams, oceans, and rivers. If erosion isn’t taken care of properly it can eventually harm our water supply, and ecosystem, and cause property loss. Let’s take a look at some techniques to manage erosion before it becomes too big of a problem. 
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Erosion Control Matting 

In modern times we’ve seen many advances in technology which have given us more techniques to treat erosion. Biodegradable products have been created to help gain back control over our shorelines. One specific advancement is known as erosion control matting. This is a three-dimensional geotextile fabric that’s laid down on the shoreline. A layer of seeds is placed under the mat, then a layer of soil, and finally another layer of seeds over the mat so it can work effectively. 

Buffer Zones

Buffer zones are another effective method to help slow down the erosion process. This zone is a strip of vegetation placed at the water’s edge that can extend between 50 and 100 feet. You can also use grass, native species with deep roots, or woody vegetation as a supplement to help move the process along. 

Nature Imitation

The amazing thing about nature is that it often has the ability to protect itself. This is true when it comes to shorelines but they still need extra help to fight against erosion. By imitating nature we can help the shoreline achieve its goal. Using the native vegetation around the shoreline will both help and prevent the land from breaking apart. Plants with deep roots will also protect the land from heavy rainfall and strong winds. 

Rip Rap Stone 

If natural solutions aren’t helping to protect against erosion, there are still other options available. Stone and Vegetation rip rap is a technique that allows the shoreline to become stabilized while still providing a habitat for wildlife. Rip rap stones or a combination of stone and vegetation will be placed in two layers to create protection. This should be left up to the professionals since it can be difficult to place and you’ll need a stable soil base to begin the process. 

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