Seawall Maintenance

When shopping for a new property that comes with a seawall, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Down the line, if not taken care of properly, your seawall can wind up costing you. That’s because seawalls need to be kept in great condition. 

When you fail to keep a seawall in good condition, then it fails to do its job at protecting your home which in turn can cause even more problems for your property. Costly ones at that. Today, we have some great tips on how you can keep your seawall doing its job right for years to come. 

Seawall Maintenance Importance

The job of a seawall is to protect your property from the elements like erosion and flooding. The ocean doesn’t care if you just renovated your floors. But with a good seawall, you can protect it from that ocean. Seawalls help to not only protect the interior of your home, but also the soil around it. That’s why maintenance is so important. 

With the right setup, you can even help to protect your neighbors from erosion and flooding as well. 

Here’s how you can maintain your seawall. Typically, a seawall needs to be replaced after a decade or so. But you can make it last a lot longer. 

Removing the weeds

All weeds growing next to your wall should be removed on a regular basis. Weeds often have invasive root systems that can make their way into any tiny cracks or crevices in a sea wall and expand these cracks as they grow. Large seawall cracks jeopardize the integrity of the wall.

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Weeds made seem like something that isn’t harmful to a wall as they’re a plant. But weeds can have a big impact. They should be removed daily otherwise their invasive roots systems can live and grow into the cracks of your seawall. This can only damage it over time. Because the weeds are growing, they can expand the wall leading to big cracks. All you need to do is removed the weeds before they get to that stage of no return. 


Crack, being that they are a direct result of things like weeds can often be the first signs of damage. Cracks are again due to the walls expanding, more specifically the steel support system inside the wall. Luckily, these cracks can be repaired once cleaned and freed up of weeds and whatever else is causing the cracks. You can simply fill the cracks with an epoxy resin.

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