Riprap: What it Is and What it Does

If you’ve never heard of the term riprap before, you might be under the impression that it’s a sound effect and not a physical object. But we assure you that it is, in fact, very real. Riprap is a term that’s used to describe a collection of rocky material that is placed on the edges of shorelines, bridges, slopes, and other objects that are adjacent to the shore to prevent the process of erosion. The rocks tend to vary in size, with the average being somewhere between four inches to two feet. (Size depends upon how fast the currents are.) The placement of riprap looks natural and helps protect while not diminishing natural aesthetics. 
fdot rip rap ditch bank lining


Because rushing water can be a hindrance to the structural integrity of both the shoreline and objects that occupy the same space, riprap is commonly used to combat this occurrence. The three most common locations that you’ll find riprap at are along a lake or river shoreline to limit the effects of erosion, along the outer bank of a body of water to diminish the force of the waves when they occur, or near bridges or structural supports that are near waterways. 

The Dangers That Accompany Erosion 

As you might remember from earth science, erosion is a natural process where the water erodes away the land that it comes in contact with. And while most of the massive changes that have occurred over time sometimes take thousands of years, the shorelines, coastal, and man-made objects are still at risk. When the water level rises too high, it has the potential to cause flooding, property damage, and even irreversible damage to living things. Riprap helps limit these damages and allows an added layer of protection. Erosion is a natural phenomenon and one that can’t be altered. But, thanks to the development of riprap, we can hold back some of the more dangerous effects. 

Delta Aggregate: Your Riprap Experts 

If you own either commercial, industrial, or even residential property that’s next to a shoreline, there’s a good chance that erosion is something that you’re concerned with from time to time. And, especially in a tropical area such as Florida, the unpredictability of the weather is of great concern. When it comes to all of your riprap needs, Delta Aggregate helps keep Floridians safe. To see everything that we have to offer, contact us or visit us at

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