Rip Rap: What It Is and How It’s Used

Despite the somewhat comedic nature of the name, we assure you that rip rap is not a fictional character from your children’s favorite television show. Far from it. The product in question that we’re discussing is a loose stone, usually made of limestone or granite, that’s sold in a variety of sizes to assist in a variety of projects, some of which we’ll be discussing throughout the duration of this article. 
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Common Places Where Riprap is Utilized 

Because of its varying sizes and loose consistency, riprap can be used in both residential and commercial settings. In an area that gets a lot of rainfall or falls on a coastline, it can be used to stop erosion or be used to make a bridge or walkway over a shallow body of water, such as a creek. In a commercial setting, rip rap might be used as railroad ballast or to trim a parking area, or as a possible place setter or filler for areas around a building that are lacking in substantial vegetation. 

Riprap has also been found to be very useful in several residential settings. Some homeowners prefer using riprap in place of grass, or they might utilize the aesthetic that the material possesses to accentuate their flower garden or backyard patio. 

Proper Usage and Installation 

Americans love undertaking DIY projects, sometimes a little too much. You might be tempted to buy the materials and do it all yourself, after all, you played with rocks as a child, right? What could the differences possibly entail? Well, a LOT. Certain jobs can be relatively easy and require minimal experience. Placing some riprap in your flower garden or over a small area in your backyard is one thing, but projects that are just a little bit bigger can become a mammoth undertaking and ones that require a professional and skilled hand. 

It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you that many rocks create a large amount of weight. Aside from that, the landscape that you might want to work with might not be suitable for riprap, and there’s a great deal of preparation that has to be taken into consideration. Failing to do so could lead to a botched job, and you’ll find yourself trapped inside a money pit. 

Some jobs are best left to the skilled hands of a professional…

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