Rip Rap Stone Size Guide

Rip Rap stone is a type of stone that has been crushed and screened. It is extremely rugged and durable and tends to be too large to sink down into the soil where it is used. There are different sizes available.

gulf coast type c rip rap

For this reason, it is highly versatile and suitable for a number of different uses. So, to help our customers and readers learn a little bit more about this kind of stone, Delta Aggregate put together this quick but helpful intro course to Rip Rap:

4 to 5 Inches

This smaller size is ideal as a base for things like a gravel parking lot or driveway. This is because while they are small enough to not cause a lot of bumpiness to drive on, they are also large and durable enough to take the wear that comes with having thousands of pounds of vehicles driving and parking on them every day.

6 to 9 Inches

Medium-sized stones are best suited for things like preventing erosion. They can be used to preserve the shorelines of lakes, rivers, and streams. They are also helpful in deterring people from certain areas as they are uncomfortable to walk on.

9+ Inches

Larger Rip Rap stones are even more proficient at reducing and preventing erosion. Because of this, they are often used in areas where extensive erosion is occurring or may occur. This includes the sides of hills and other similar areas. They can also be used in drainage ditches or to restore partially washed-away banks.

As you can see, not only do Rip Rap stones come in multiple different sizes but they are also used in a wide variety of projects. If you aren’t quite sure which ones are right for your job, or even if you already know and are eager to get started, give the experts at Delta Aggregate a call today.

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