Rip Rap Stone Size Guide

Riprap is a manmade structure that’s built with piled-up rocks used as a lining or a retaining wall. This wall prevents the land from eroding due to the moving water. The stones used to form rip raps are extremely durable and can be used in many different ways. Since the stone is so versatile, determining the size you need may be a bit challenging. Here is a guide that will help you better understand rip rap stone sizing.

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Small Medium & Large

Rip Rap stone is available in three basic sizes, small, medium, and large. Small stones are 4 to 5 inches and are commonly used for gravel parking lots or driveways. Medium is the size that’s best used to prevent erosion and preserve the shorelines of lakes, rivers, and streams. Medium stones are 6 to 9 inches while large size stones are 9 inches or more. Large stones will most likely be used where extensive erosion occurs such as on hills. They are also great for restoring partially washed-away banks.

Size Matters

The size stone you need is greatly determined by the project that you wish to accomplish. For example, rocks that are smaller in size wouldn’t be effective for certain tasks since they get easily eroded by a stream. On the other hand, larger rocks can lead to water stagnation by affecting a stream’s natural flow. Once you figure out what you need to accomplish choosing the right stone size should become easier!

How Much Stone Will You Need?

Another important decision to make is figuring out how much stone you’ll actually need. The first step is to determine the area and thickness you want to create. Rip raps that are thicker will require more stone. You’ll then multiply the area by the thickness of your rip rap to figure out the total volume. Lastly, you’ll multiply the volume by your rock’s density. A ton of rip rap can cover an estimate of 20 square feet of rocks.

Rip Rap Size Chart

The rip rap size chart is a simpler way to help you find the correct stone size for your needs. The chart will show you specific factors when it comes to sizing such as water velocity, and turbulence. For smaller projects, there are tools available like the gravel driveway calculator or asphalt calculator to help you find the right stone size.

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