Rip Rap Landscaping Ideas for the Household

If you’ve been walking along the seashore, you might have noticed some of the impressive rock formations that are created by the natural process of erosion. Perhaps you’ve seen man-made rock formations that contain just as much beauty. And finally, you notice the grains of sand and pebbles that have found their way into your footwear. While that last one can be somewhat of an inconvenience, the formations you’re in awe of can be appropriated into landscaping designs to elevate the aesthetic of your home. 

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As you probably remember from geology class, rocks tend to be varied in size, color, and composition. This means that any assortment you get will be different in its own unique way. Using smaller stones and beach pebbles will provide a tranquil feel, whereas river rocks can be placed accordingly to create walkways and borders. When arranged properly, rock formations look natural and can accentuate the natural colors of your garden. 

A Great Alternative 

While you might already have mulch in your front yard, you might soon find that it isn’t cost effective when it comes to maintaining its original form. Lawn care of any variety can be costly and time consuming. Using rocks in place of a lawn means you’ll have a lot less maintenance to perform and rock formations keep their shape and consistency for much longer periods of time. 

Embracing Uniqueness 

As we’ve previously mentioned, rocks tend to be varied and unique. Tracking down some exotic rock types such as lava rock, obsidian, and even some polished limestone can allow you to experiment with shape, color, and consistency. Grass and mulch are nice, but their lack of customization leaves very little in the way of allowing personal expression. Your house should always be an extension of your inner self. 

Your Big Backyard 

One of the best places to experiment with layout and aesthetic with rock formations is your backyard. If you’ve been thinking about building that bar-b-cue pit for bonfires and cookouts, using rock formations as the principal material can allow you to explore designs that are various—from rustic to ranch, the possibilities to let your creativity shine are endless. 

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