Recycled Aggregates: What are They?

Are you tackling a construction project? Do you want to use efficient and sustainable materials? If so, consider recycled aggregates. You can learn all about recycled aggregates by reading on.
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Recycled aggregates are construction waste that has been recovered with the intent to reuse. Some examples of construction waste that is used to create recycled aggregates are concrete, brick, and asphalt. Instead of letting these materials go to waste after a demolition, excavation, or construction project, the materials are crushed, mixed, or graded to meet the needs of new projects.

Using recycled aggregates for your next project is eco-friendly. The materials already exist, meaning new materials do not need to be mined or taken from the environment. In addition, using recycled materials, instead of seeking new materials, keeps reusable materials out of landfills. Plus, recycled aggregates are versatile. You can use these materials on a variety of projects ranging from building new buildings to creating landscapes.

Lastly, using recycled aggregates for your next project can save you money. Purchasing new materials can be costly when you consider the fact that the materials need to be collected, mined, transported, packaged, prepared for sale, and transported again to the buyer. Meanwhile, recycled aggregates are gathered from construction sites and produced locally. This means you have to spend less money on the product itself and the transportation. Plus, shopping locally benefits your neighborhood’s economy.

There are several types of recycled aggregates you can shop from for your next construction project. The first is 6F2, also known as Crusher Run. It is made from crushed brick, mortar, and concrete used in demolition projects. The size of this recycled aggregate ranges from 75mm to dust. You can use it for buildings, roads, and general backfill.

Up next is Pipe Bedding, which is used for free-draining around pipes. It ranges in size from 10mm to 40mm. You may also be interested in Type 1 MOT, which is made from crushed brick, concrete, and the occasional asphalt. You can purchase it in a size as large as 40mm or you can get something as small as dust for creating compact surfaces.

Up next is Railway Ballast, made from crushed pure granite. It is made from old rail track ballast that is removed during track renewal. It comes in sizes 70mm and 30mm. Road Scalpings are the final type of recycled aggregate and are used for driveways, hard standings, highways, sub-bases, and more.

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