Pros & Cons of a Rip Rap Retaining Wall

You may be wondering if a rip rap retaining wall is the way to go for your individual needs. Delta Aggregate explains its pros and cons below.
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Erosion takes place over a period of time which compromises the shoreline and enables flooding to occur. As a result, the destruction it creates can be extensive. Rip rap retaining walls are often utilized to protect property as they assist in stabilizing areas that are extremely prone to eroding. Since the rocks serve to soak up the cascade and movement of water, the shoreline’s integrity is preserved due to the absence of water repeatedly striking the seacoast.

Simple Maintenance

Examining rip rap rocks at a minimum of once per year is highly suggested. If you notice any cracks or breaks, you solely need to replace the damaged rocks. Be certain to carefully inspect your riprap after heavy storms and any natural disasters. 


The natural facade of rip rap is good for the environment, while also discouraging wildlife from burrowing through your property. The placement of rocks safeguards vegetation, as plants can thrive in between the rocks, adding to the overall eye appeal. 

Impressive Endurance

Rip rap rocks are very strong and able to withstand the vigorous test of time. By adhering to a routine of annual maintenance of your seawall, you can enjoy its benefits over the decades to come.

Improves Aesthetics

Using rip rap for a retaining wall allows the structure to be one with nature due to its natural components. When you enhance the aesthetic beauty of your grounds, the aura extends to your house. Visual appeal paired with the function of protecting the shoreline can raise the value of your property. Therefore, consider the cost to construct a rip rap retaining wall to be a wise investment. 


Repair Costs

Insignificant damage to a rip rap seawall is usually able to be remedied with uncomplicated tools. Like anything else, if an over-the-top issue should occur, the further repair would of course have to be sought.


When determining the right type of retaining wall to build, take the particular area itself into consideration. Riprap is ideal for use in regions that tend to have bodies of water traveling at fast speeds.

Ineffective Against Adjacent Floods

You may not know if real estate located next to yours has a tendency to flood because its shoreline has not been adequately preserved. Unfortunately, adjacent flooding has the potential to damage your property regardless of whether or not you have riprap along your own shoreline.

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