Landscaping with Aggregates: What You Need to Know

Are you searching for a way to spruce up your property and give it a little (or a lot!) of extra pizzazz? Well, Delta Aggregate has a fantastic suggestion that will add some “WOW” to your current landscaping. Aggregates can transform your yard from average to spectacular without breaking the bank.
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Aggregates not only boost eye appeal but also provide structural support when utilized in landscapes. They serve as a visual passage between a home and its surrounding landscape. A few of the sought-after aggregates used in garden landscaping nowadays are sand, gravel, and rocks. A garden with a breathtaking view must also be practical in order to withstand the elements of nature. You must keep a number of issues in mind like drainage, gradation, erosion prevention, settlement, and weeds.

Gravel is an aggregate that is extremely adaptable when it comes to creating a landscape. There is plenty of variety in size and texture, and it has the flexibility to conform to any desired contour. Crushed gravel works nicely for walkways and patios because these smaller, differently shaped pieces mesh closely for a solid walking surface. Gravel offers sufficient drainage in flower beds and also blocks water from accumulating around foundations. Since gravel is less expensive than cost of pavers, you can save a considerable amount of money when covering driveways, walkways, and patios.

Sand and crushed stone are great aggregates to use as foundations for steps, planters, ponds, and planters. Due to its stabilizing quality, crushed stone is commonly used beneath patios, interlocking stones, driveways, pathways, and sheds.

Stone dust has a cementing ability when it is wet that ensures a secure base for hot tubs, patio stones, and pavers. Washed concrete sand is perfect for landscaping as it furnishes a level foundation under the patio and interconnecting stones.

You are able to obtain larger rocks that are ideal for defining borders between soil and gravel. They give a polished appearance and also stop erosion from occurring in garden beds. Although this style of river rock is undoubtedly a real looker and tempting to use for many purposes, its sleek surface and larger size cause it to be rather unsteady as a footpath.  

Delta Aggregate carries an impressive selection of aggregates that enhance the aesthetics of all kinds of landscaping. Our high-tech equipment produces outstanding aggregates at reasonable costs. Our company is proud to conduct business personally with our customers. We are located at 9025 S Church Road Immokalee, Florida, and may be reached at (815) 791-8377.

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