Landscape Sands: What Are the Different Types?

If you’re working on a landscape project, sand will most likely be on your list of materials. Sand is a naturally-occurring material that’s used in various ways in a variety of different industries. Sand can be used anywhere from shaping golf courses to being the main component needed to make concrete. Without sand you’ll be missing an essential material needed for construction. Depending on your project choosing the right sand for you can sometimes be tricky. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of sand to find what best fits your needs. 
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Sharp & Building 

If sharp sand is needed for your project you may have heard it referred to as grit, river, or builders sand. This is due to its gritty texture and its medium, coarse grain. This type of sand is mostly used in potting soil mixes, concrete, and a range of building projects since it’s good for drainage. There is also another variety of building sand that’s used when it comes to bricklaying. This type features fine and smooth grains if you’re aiming for a smooth finish. The fine rounded particles in this sand have a clay content of 10% or higher. 


You may have heard silica sand referred to as industrial or quartz sand. This type is widely used to create equestrian settings and different building materials such as concrete and mortar. Silica sand can be purchased in two different forms, economy and premium. Economy features rounded grains that will hold onto the water making it a great choice for free-draining areas. Premium has fine, sub-angular grains that are also effective for draining and compaction. 

Fill & Bunker 

Fill sand otherwise known as cable sand is unwashed and unscreened sand. It’s commonly used as a bedding layer or a binding layer before pouring concrete. Bunker sand or premium bunker sand is the type found in golf courses. This off-white sand is the perfect variety to fill bunkers and to make sure shots out of the bunkers are easy to accomplish. 


Cattle or cubicle sand is fine-washed sand perfect for cattle bedding. This version of sand helps reduce the chance of bacteria growth which keeps the cattle safe from Clinical Mastitis. Cattle can also keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter with the help of this sand bedding.  

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