How Rip Rap Protects The Coastline

So, how exactly does Riprap protect the coastline from ferocious waves and erosion? It’s a good question, and it always helps to understand the basic physics behind your protective equipment before you invest lots of money buying it.

Rip Rap placed on the Florida shoreline for protection

How It Works

We use RipRap to address the problem of waves crashing into the shore and eventually eroding it beyond our control. The large, jagged boulders are a means for eliminating wave energy while protecting underwater structures.

RipRap goes by a few other names, including “Rock Armor” because it’s a natural armor against water erosion. This technique works for shorelines as well as rivers, streams, ponds, cliffs, dunes, creeks, and other water sources. It’s most applicable whenever there’s a possibility of flood or large waves.

Many Benefits of Using RipRap

RipRap has many great qualities, and you only need to install it one time with a small amount of follow-up maintenance. It’s durable, doesn’t reflect the waves in several other directions, has a beautiful and natural appearance, and comes in many shapes/sizes/weights. The most common types of RipRap are granite and limestone, which are proven to be durable in a variety of usages, including granite countertops.

Why do you need enormous stones to defend against the forces of nature? Well, for one thing, we know how catastrophic hurricane damage can be. One of our best natural defenses against erosion are barrier islands, and even they succumb to hurricane forces. Therefore, protecting our coastline resources demands that we erect our own barriers to handle intense sea forces.

If you want to gain the most out of a RipRap defense system, you’ll want to make sure you get a professional to install it properly. A successful defense system like this also depends on having the correct fabric underneath. You cannot simply position boulders any which way and expect them to do their job.

Delta Aggregate has spent a lot of time installing shoreline defense systems with RipRap and comparable materials. We wouldn’t advise you to tackle an extensive project (given how heavy the rocks are) by yourself. Why not enlist the services of an experienced pro? If that sounds like something that interests you, call us any time at 815-791-8377.

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