How Long Do Concrete Aggregates Last

What can we say about the durability of aggregate materials? How long do those massive Riprap rocks really last?


This is often the quintessential question for property owners because it figures into how often they would have to make replacements. That holds true for roofing, siding, plumbing, and almost any building materials; concrete aggregates are no exception.

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Lifespan for Concrete Aggregates

Durability is certainly one of the top advantages for exposed concrete aggregates. That’s because you can expect a minimum lifespan of at least 40 years. Most of the time, heavy-duty rocks last much longer than that.

Even amid high traffic, consistent UV rays, ice, snow, rain, and more, you can anticipate a long run with aggregates. This makes them about as reliable as a metal roof (only much more aesthetic)

Other Advantages of Using Exposed Aggregates

  • Cost Effective Materials – Since aggregate materials last a long time and don’t require significant upkeep, they’re a prudent investment that pays for itself in due time. Also, since “aggregate” refers to a mixture of rock materials, there’s plenty of opportunity to manipulate the mixture to achieve an affordable (yet still desirable) product. Most concrete mixes, for example, consist of about 60 to 80% aggregates, 14 to 18% water, while the rest is cement and air.
  • Great for Swimming Pools – If you think exposed aggregate only works for protecting shorelines or stabilizing bridges, then you haven’t seen what modern homeowners are doing with them. It’s now possible to refine aggregates to install swimming pool decks and concrete patios. The greatest benefit is that this material is considerably more slip-resistant than most alternatives.
  • Effective Sound Barriers – Aggregate rocks have an uneven surface, making them optimal for blocking sounds. You may have noticed this in communities around airports and military bases. They’ll have aggregate walls installed to absorb the high-decibel jet blasts. Many luxury/gated communities also employ this engineering strategy.
  • Adds More Curb Appeal – There’s no such thing as a residential/business property that couldn’t stand to look better. Even if you don’t use it to attract customers/clientele, there’s also the beauty and professional appearance you get from well-installed aggregates. Nothing is better than bolstering your security, protecting against the elements, AND enhancing aesthetics.

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