Find out How Base Materials Enhance Aggregates

You could say that base materials form the core of many aggregate products, the ones we use to fulfill several important residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. These are the naturally quarried or recycled materials (i.e. crushed concrete, shale rock, lime rock, and crushed stone), which come in either coarse or medium grades. You can use them to enhance certain efforts like road construction, lining ponds, and various other civil engineering projects. type b rip rap in georgia


Like anything else, of course, it’s smart to have a professional help select and install the right kind of rocks for specific tasks. In this quick post, we’ll suggest some guidelines for selecting base materials to enhance aggregates, protect your property, and maximize aesthetics.

How Do You Choose the Right Base Materials?

It helps to begin with an awareness of your specific geographic reality. In Florida, there are certain considerations you should bear in mind.


  • Availability – Some base materials (like crushed seashells) are abundant in the Sunshine State, since almost the entire area is a “coastal community.” This makes a tremendous difference in the price of your project. Obviously, if you select something more exotic, and have to have it shipped across the country, it will cost much more.
  • Durability – Most aggregates, like Armour Rock, offer substantial coverage and protection for decades. You don’t have to worry about these materials eroding, cracking, chipping, or otherwise deteriorating. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re trying to create a composite concrete mix for roads or other surfaces, it requires expert installation. Trained professionals have to account for how mixtures will respond to Florida’s high temperatures, humidity, and many other variables. Even minor mistakes or miscalculations can lead to subpar results.
  • Aesthetic Matters – Here’s another area where it’s normally better to use local resources. Those allow you to fit in with your surrounding environment better rather than sticking out like a sore thumb with something too novel.

Delta Aggregate – Helping You Find the Right Aggregate Materials

So, the great news is that you have plenty of options as a Florida property owner. Sarasota and Manatee counties, for example, have plenty of crushed seashell materials, whereas Collier and Lee counties offer ample opportunity for mineable limestone. Both are very popular for an array of construction purposes, both for homes and businesses.

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