FDOT Screenings With Delta Aggregate

Every day more and more people learn about protecting the environment and taking action towards helping protect the environment. This includes congress having developed Florida’s Efficient Transportation Decision Making (ETDM) process. But this process cannot be carried out without adequate screening. This is where FDOT screenings by Delta Aggregate come into play.

What’s in our FDOT Screening

fdot screenings
Using data from a variety of sources and condensing it into a standard format
There’s a lot of data when it comes to ETDM and our screening tool makes things simpler in categorizing where data needs to go into a standard format that can be assessed, utilized, and stored conveniently.

Learn what the effects are of proposed projects when it comes to the human and natural environment

Data is nothing if it can’t be analyzed the right way. Analytics today is already used in thousands of ways from understanding business statistics to seeing social media growth. That’s why it’s super important to take this data and use it towards understanding important effects on the environment. The answers are in the data and our tool knows how to uncover them.

Create Communication Pathways for Environmental Technical Advisor (ETAT) representatives and then to the public.

In addition to the importance of having and understanding data, it can’t be used adequately if there’s no streamlined way to communicate to those who need it most like ETAT. Our screening tool eliminates this problem by doing just that, putting the data into the hands who know how to use it while giving it to the public.

Store and report results of the ETAT review effectively and efficiently

Another key to our screening tool is efficiency. Once Etat has reviewed everything it’s needed to review, our screen tool makes sure the results are stored for long-term and convenient access for wherever it’s needed.

Overall, our screening tool knows how to capitalize off of internet and GIS functionalities. This allows for new processes to be instilled that will streamline communication, balance and decrease workloads, consolidate systems, and expedite delivery timelines.


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We cater to both large-scale government projects as well as ones in the private sector. This means that we are proud to say that we are experts at what we do and no job is too big or too small for us. And because we work with the government, highly qualified government-approved certified engineer firms test all our materials. And guess what, the results of the tests are — Delta Aggregate materials meet or exceed Army Corp and FDOT specs!

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