Do Aggregates Need to Be Sealed?

Does your backyard patio consist of ornamental aggregate material? It’s a dense mix of sand, pebbles, or stone fused together, but left exposed with no additional coating.

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Of course, you may wonder what’s the best way to protect such an arrangement. Should you seal an exposed aggregate deck or patio?

The short answer is “yes,” but we’d like to explain that further and show you the best ways to do this.

Basics of Aggregate Sealers

You can seal your exposed aggregate surfaces with sealants comprising film-forming acrylic resins. These are designed to bind everything together and protect your patios or walk areas from abrasion, spalling, efflorescence, stains, foreign substances, and other problems.


When applied carefully by a competent contractor, you can use them to further enhance the color and luster of the surface. This adds a significant aesthetic to your decks, patios, and other exterior features.

Selecting the Right Sealer

How do you find the right sealer for optimal results?

Look for a product with the following qualities: recoatability, oil/grease repellant, UV resistant, and non-staining. The right sealer should give you a high-gloss wet appearance – a substantial upgrade if you’re frustrated with dull or faded materials.

How do you apply the sealer?

Ideally, you would select a professional who does this often. However, when you do any sealing project, it’s important to follow the brand instructions to avoid sloppy results

If this involves fresh concrete, then make sure you address all cement paste residue to avoid mixing it with the sealer. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck with a milky-white pasty appearance when it’s finished. For other tasks (on exposed aggregate surfaces) all you have to do is clean off any pre-existing stains as much as possible, then apply the sealer with a short-nap roller.

Delta Aggregate – Florida’s Resident Rock Experts

Today’s topic focuses on a more “micro” use of aggregate materials. As you can see, there are so many ways to utilize various rock sizes to protect, beautify, and functionalize your property. This applies just as well to coastal businesses as it does residential homeowners and other clientele.

Would you like to learn more about the many uses of aggregate materials (for any type of property)?

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