Different Types of Boulders and Their Uses

Your yard is a blank slate and you have tons of options to turn it into a gorgeous piece of terrain. Boulders are stellar when it comes to choosing materials that will enhance your entire work of art. Delta Aggregate explains different types of boulders and their uses.
gulf coast boulders
Garden boulders are available in an assortment of measurements and contours. They range from the size of basketballs to massive accent boulders with a hefty weight of 2,000 lbs. Their colors are gray with white and burgundy hues and may contain moss.

Coquina boulders are constructed out of native Florida rock. Miniscule coquina shells came into creation far back in history during the prehistoric era. Coquina boulders are extremely distinctive and orange-like in color.

River boulders are worn and smooth in texture. They differ in proportions from the measurements of a softball to sizable accent boulders. These brown boulders are ideal for dry riverbeds, waterfalls, and ponds.

Limestone boulders often referred to as Sumter County Boulders, are native to Florida. This type of rock is mined in sections of the Central Florida fields where lime rock is found.

Black slate boulders are available in both medium and large sizes. They are quite attractive boasting a shiny black slate and marble look.

Black slate steppers are fantastic for designing landscape retaining walls and waterfalls. These lengthy, rectangular in form slate boulders may also be utilized as breathtaking accents. 

Mohave boulders can be purchased in either square or rectangular shapes. They work very well for dry stacking landscape border walls, garden ponds, and water configurations.

Chippewa boulders are multi-colored, head-turning granite boulders that typically serve as accent boulders in gardens and landscape beds. As the stately focal point of a landscape arrangement, this boulder boosts overall charm and beauty.

Marion boulders are kept in their original contours. This style of river boulder is seen in a spectrum of brown hues and has a sleek surface.

Steppers are natural, stacking fieldstone that is level and elongated. They vary in depth anywhere from 3 inches to 8 inches and are approximately 3 feet in length. Steppers are fantastic for use in waterfall and pond designs.

One-Man boulders are rectangular or square-shaped garden boulders. This category of boulders is highly suitable for dry stacking landscape border walls, garden ponds, and water scenes.

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