Decorative Aggregates 101

Slate chippings add a tremendous amount of eye-appeal to garden areas in both public and residential settings. The charm and versatility of decorative aggregates allows them to be utilized for purposes including walkway edges and countryside footpaths, as well as attractive borders for greenery. Delta Aggregates brings you the basics of decorative aggregates.florida concrete
Slate aggregates, also referred to as slate chippings, are level bits of slate that are compact in size. There are a slew of appealing hues readily available for purchase. This wide variety of color makes it a breeze to dress-up any chosen area to your liking. Slate chippings are great for facilitating drainage when placed as the top layer in planters and larger slate aggregates are ideal when it comes to filling supports for walls and seating. 

Although usually seen as borders around shrubbery, fillers in patio gaps, and on top of unclad ground, slate chippings are able to be used in the construction of entire patios. Facets such as dense soil or on a membrane blanket are conducive for maintaining the integrity of slate chippings. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you make certain the intended area is thoroughly compressed and also prepared with a geotextile membrane in place prior to distributing the slate chippings. The geotextile membrane layer serves to limit weed growth and increase stability by preventing the aggregates from sinking into the soil over time. 

Refrain from adding slate aggregates over concrete surfaces as they will not stay in place and go every which way. Also avoid the use of chippings over driveways as continuous weight of automobiles will crush the slate and cause crumbling. Another potential problem of aggregates on top of a driveway is that shards of slate can damage your vehicle’s tires.

The cost of slate aggregate varies due to the style, shade, size, the grade in terms of quality, and the quantity of chippings needed. During the planning, it is paramount that you calculate the dimensions of the intended area and the size of the aggregates that you wish to obtain. These two factors are necessary in order to determine the amount of slate that you will require to complete your project.

Delta Aggregate supplies customers with a superb selection of decorative aggregate. We use state-of-the-art equipment that manufactures products of the highest quality. Since we deal directly with our clients, you are guaranteed personalized attention in addition to receiving premium merchandise. Our respected company is situated at 9025 S Church Road Immokalee, Florida and we may be contacted by calling (815) 791-8377. Thank you for taking an interest in Delta Aggregate. Complete customer satisfaction time after time is always our number one aim.

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