Crushing & Aggregate Production

When it comes to oil and gas line construction, there’s quite a process to it. And one important ingredient to that process is aggregate. This aggregate not only requires a heft amount of grading but also takes precision. Because to create things like roads and soil reclamation the process has to be done right.

florida army corp certified rock

Types of Aggregate

Before you can produce aggregate and any level, you need to know what type of aggregate you need as there are a few different types to choose from. Each job requires a different material so it’s important to understand the differences.

  • Limestone
  • Scoria
  • Rip Rap
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Base
  • Fill Dirt
  • Topsoil

When it comes to these various types, Delta Aggregate can make any grade of rock that is needed for the job. We pride ourselves on being able to also customize when needed.

Different Grades

In addition to the various types of aggregate out there, there also come many different grades as well. Some grades are more popular and more widely used than others.

  • #1 Aggregate: This grade is Delta’s most heavily used because of its ingredients. In this grade, there are rocks the size of 2” to 4” in diameter. This grade is usually used for things such as filling wire baskets, and bases for access roads.
  • #3 Aggregate: This grade contains stones that are somewhat smaller in diameter and is mostly used for lining drainage channels and railroad beds beneath the train tracks.
  • #5 Aggregate: This is the most popular because it is used as a road base and road projects outweigh most in scope. There’s also far more demand for road projects than others.

When it comes to aggregate it’s always best to leave the decision-making up to the professionals. There are often a few things that also need to be cleared in order to get started on any aggregate projects. And we know the ins and outs.

Delta Aggregate caters to both large-scale government projects as well as ones in the private sector. This means that we are proud to say that we are experts at what we do and no job is too big or too small for us. And because we work with the government, highly qualified government-approved certified engineer firms test all our materials. And guess what, the results of the tests are — Delta Aggregate materials meet or exceed Army Corp and FDOT specs!

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