Crushed Stone VS Gravel

If you think crushed stone and gravel are the same thing, think again. Even though they seem very similar, the two have notable differences. Keep reading to understand the differences between crushed stone and gravel.

Crushed stone and gravel are two of the most commonly used aggregates at construction sites. While both are popular and sought after, they do have major differences that set them apart from one another.

fdot c34 gabion basket stoneCrushed stone is stone made from larger rocks that have been broken down. Crushed stone contains a blend of stones and rock dust. This blend creates a stable and compact-able material. It is also rough in texture, which assists with binding and building a strong foundation.

Meanwhile, gravel is a natural material. It is made up of pieces of rock that are rounded and smoothed through processes like erosion and weathering. You can find gravel in riverbeds in nature. Gravel ranges in size and shape because of its natural development, but overall it is commonly larger and smoother than crushed stone.

Crushed stone is better for construction jobs like path and road construction. This is because the material is more stable and capable of withstanding heavy loads. Additionally, the irregular shape of this material creates a sturdy base layer that is less likely to crack and break overtime.

If you’re looking for a suitable material for landscaping, gravel is a better selection. Gravel is smooth and round in appearance, making it more visually appealing than crushed stone. If you’re building a rock garden, water feature, or garden path in your yard, gravel can give a cohesive, yet natural look.

Both crushed stone and gravel are suitable for drainage purposes, but one may be a better selection than the other depending on the drainage you’re trying to create. For example, gravel is commonly used in French drains and septic fields, while crushed stone is used when a firmer base is required.

Now that you know the major differences between crushed stone and gravel, you’re ready to choose which supply is more suitable for your needs. Whether you’re designing your landscaping or building drainage for your septic line, Delta Aggregate has what you need. To get in touch with us, give us a call at 815-791-8377 to learn more about what we can do for you.