Crushed Stone vs Crushed Gravel, What Are the Differences

For the uninitiated and those that aren’t heavily involved in the construction business, there can be a common misconception that certain materials are all the same in some respects. Like the misconception, the concrete and cement are the same yet cement is an ingredient within concrete. But one other one is actually the belief that crushed stone is the exact same as crushed gravel. But there are a few differences.

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Crushed Stone

As you may have seen, crushed stone is a popular choice for residences far and wide. It has a great aesthetic and isn’t that too expensive. It also gives any home a sleek and modern feel, making driveways look almost custom.

Crushed stone is actually a man-made element though and derives from many other stones in combination. So instead of one stone being crushed to get that final product, manufacturers use a multitude of stones to get that perfect mix. Some stones used are limestone, granite, etc. These types of rocks help to give the crushed stone the look that we see today. It’s also popular because there can be a lot of variety when it comes to style and color.

Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravel may look similar to crushed stone and fall into the same bracket of material, but the key difference between the two is that crushed gravel is not made by man. Crushed gravel comes in the same form that it’s found, there are no additives or other stones mixed in. And due to its organic nature, unlike crushed stone, you won’t find gravel having many ragged edges. It comes in a more smooth and rounded package.

But crushed gravel has all the same uses and can be interchanged with crushed stone. One other key difference is that gravel tends to be lighter. It also happens to be the cheaper option.

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