Crushed Concrete Uses & Benefits

Whether you’re adding a walkway to your yard or working on a significant construction project, crushed concrete has many uses and benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how to use crushed concrete and how it can benefit you.
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Crushed concrete is a type of concrete made from asphalt debris that was used in another construction project. Crushed concrete can be made up of pieces from an old driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, concrete structure, and so on. Normally, these pieces of concrete would be deposited in a landfill. However, crushed concrete repurposes this otherwise wasted concrete, allowing for a more eco-friendly solution to your construction projects.

Crushed concrete is made by crushing the concrete from old projects and turning it into something new. The concrete is cleaned of any unwanted debris before the crushing process for a clean and streamlined look. Crushed concrete can be crushed down to any size, giving you the look you desire for your project.

You can use crushed concrete on your projects at home. Maybe you want to add a walkway leading from your driveway to your front door. Crushed concrete is the perfect material to choose for the job. The look of crushed concrete perfectly complements lush landscaping.

Are you a gardening enthusiast? If you are, use crushed concrete in your home garden. You can create raised garden beds from crushed concrete. In doing so, you can improve drainage in your garden. You can also make the soil warmer, which promotes healthy growth. Plus, the look of crushed concrete is Earthy and natural, pairing well with other garden decors.

Crushed concrete is suitable for larger construction jobs as well. Retaining walls can be made of this material. If you are trying to control erosion on slopes or hills in your yard, layers of crushed concrete can create the ideal wall. First, a layer of smaller and broken-up crushed concrete creates a strong base. Then, layers of larger crushed concrete are packed with dirt to create an even and attractive retaining wall.

Lastly, if you need to promote drainage in your yard, crushed concrete can come in handy. Small, broken-up pieces of crushed concrete are an eco-friendly alternative to certain types of gravel.

Because crushed concrete is made up of recycled concrete, it is cheaper to produce. That means it is also cheaper to purchase and install. If you’re on a budget, crushed concrete is for you. Sustainability is also a huge perk of crushed concrete. Plus, this type of concrete is eye-catching and excellent for natural spaces.

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