What are RipRap Boulders?

It’s likely that you have not heard of the incredibly effective erosion-resistant construction aggregate RipRap or RipRap Boulders. We know that this material doesn’t sound like something used in the construction industry, amongst others, but we promise it is. This incredible material with various uses and many names is worth considering if you need to protect something or build a barrier.

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A Guide To Aggregate

Delta Aggregate thought you might be interested to learn more about the various types of aggregate materials. We’ve discussed a lot about Rip Rap lately and what it can do to defend your property from erosive water forces, but now let’s focus on some other natural resources that can be harnessed for landscaping purposes.

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Pros and Cons of Rip Rap

In our line of business, which is helping you protect your assets from damages brought about by the forces of nature, we talk a lot about materials. One of the important materials for our operations is something called Rip Rap. We’ve written about this in a couple of other places, detailing the types of Rip and Rap as well as what kind of defense it provides. Let’s take another look at some of the pros and cons of using Rip Rap for retaining walls.

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Seawall Maintenance

When shopping for a new property that comes with a seawall, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Down the line, if not taken care of properly, your seawall can wind up costing you. That’s because seawalls need to be kept in great condition.  When you fail to keep a seawall in good condition, then it fails … Read more