Aggregate Subcontracting

Delta Aggregate prides itself on its ability to operate and work in mines, helping to churn out an aggregate of all types and grades. There’s not a construction project too big or too small for us. But more importantly, we always find ourselves happy to provide the construction industry as a whole via our aggregate … Read more

Crushing & Aggregate Production

When it comes to oil and gas line construction, there’s quite a process to it. And one important ingredient to that process is aggregate. This aggregate not only requires a heft amount of grading but also takes precision. Because to create things like roads and soil reclamation the process has to be done right. Types … Read more

Rip Rap Stone Size Guide

Rip Rap stone is a type of stone that has been crushed and screened. It is extremely rugged and durable and tends to be too large to sink down into the soil where it is used. There are different sizes available. For this reason, it is highly versatile and suitable for a number of different … Read more

Limestone Aggregate

Delta Aggregate is Florida’s top supplier of Rip Rip and Armor Rock Aggregate for projects, and our top products are: Rip Rap Rock, Army Corp Rip Rap and Rock, FDOT Rip Rap, Armor Rock, Toe Rock, Boulders, Groin Rock, and Jetti Rock … so it is safe to say we really know rocks! Limestone aggregate … Read more

What is Rip Rap?

Have you ever gone to the oceanside and recognized that the row of rocks along the coastline is just a little too perfectly aligned? Have you walked across a parking lot filled with gravel and wondered what type of rock it was all made of? Well, it may come as a surprise for some people, … Read more