A Few Interesting and Useful Gravel Facts Everyone Should Know

When people hear about gravel, it often does spark much interest, after all, what more could there be to the material that we see on a daily basis. It would be like getting excited about trees. But the truth is, there are actually a few interesting facts that make gravel stand out against other materials. They’re not only just little snippets of information, but these facts are useful as well.

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No shortage

When we say no shortage, we mean there’s a pretty solid abundance of gravel in the world. It’s one of those materials that you can spot almost anywhere you look if you live in an urban setting. The interesting thing here is that even when you may not think you’re looking at the gravel, it might actually be as gravel can be mixed with a plethora of other substances like sand, and crushed stone. This is actually called aggregates. Whether it’s a parking lot, street or driveway, chances are there’s a form of gravel in it.

A protector of water?

You heard us right, gravel can actually be a strong protector of water. But not in the literal sense. What we mean is that gravel can prevent things known as water formations. How this works is that giant containers known as gabions are installed anywhere there could be water erosion. With help from wire mesh, these gabions help to prevent the things they’re protecting from washing away. This wouldn’t be possible without the ingredient of gravel.

Fill it up

There are many materials that can act like caulk without actually be caulk. And you can’t use caulk for something like sewage treatment. But when it comes to gravel, it can help with just that. It can also be used in water purification systems.

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